Skincare with baking soda and organic coconut oil

Good morning everyone

Now a days, each and every website has people who are writing about the benefits of baking soda on your facial skin.

A few days ago, I bought 2 tins of baking soda for my kitchen use but i decided to keep one in my bathroom near my wash basin, i kept a small bowl and organic coconut oil because i had read so much about it and got inspired. I thought I should give it a try.

Believe me its actually worked more than my expectations, removed all the dead skin from my face but the most interesting part is after using it around my eyes, when i washed it off i felt like the skin around my eyes was firmed and bright. feeling my eyes all wide open and even bigger, under eye puffiness vanished.

I was quite impressed with the results and now its in my skincare routine. i want you guys to try it too.

3 spoons of baking soda

Organic coconut oil 2 spoons

Spread on your face like a mask ( you can increase the quantity if you like spread on neck and or on under arm to remove dark skin ) keep on skin 5-7 mins, scrub in circular motions wash with luke warm water and dry

Try it and must share your experience with me

Until next time tc

Author: mimisorganic5

i am UK certified natural and organic hair and skincare expert our brand Mimis Luxury Organic Hair And Skincare is on all natural' organic and essential oils based! We are based in Abudhabi UAE i am proffesional fashion designer as well and certified Nutritionist as well follow us for some informative posts by us....... cheers

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