My hair care products inspiration


Last year…due to a reaction from a medicine prescribed to me by the doctor…I experienced the worst hairfall I have ever experienced. Due to a lot of weakness in my body…my hair was falling out in thick strands. I didnt think much of it until i started noticing bald patches in my head. I was really upset and started looking around for a solution. I tried many home remedies in hopes of regrowing the hair I had lost but nothing helped cover those bald patches. After many failed experiments and a lot of research…I decided to create my own treatment. I gathered some herbal ingredients and made my own hair oil. I tested this on myself first and used it every alternate day to see if it worked. In just a few days i noticed a drastic improvement in my hairfall. Not only that…in a few weeks my bald spots started getting smaller as new hair started to grow. I made a second batch for my family to try and they too were delighted with the results.

I then thought why not make a big batch for all of you as every other person is suffering from this. This is not just an oil, rather a tonic for your hair. Its equally good for men and women perfect gor hair thinning ‘ dandruff ‘ hairfall ‘ best for thick and long hair 😊

Contact us to get yours at 00971-55-9487291

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Author: mimisorganic5

i am UK certified natural and organic hair and skincare expert our brand Mimis Luxury Organic Hair And Skincare is on all natural' organic and essential oils based! We are based in Abudhabi UAE i am proffesional fashion designer as well and certified Nutritionist as well follow us for some informative posts by us....... cheers

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