Hair growth Mask

Mimis Organic

For anyone that has issues with thinning hair or growing their hair out, you know there are many remedies out there, but few of them actually work. One of my favorites is the Castor Oil Hair Growth Remedy, and this next one is JUST as good! I’ve been trying it for a couple of months now and I can already see and feel my hair getting thicker – I even have tons of baby hairs growing in! So I thought I’d share this hair mask to boost hair growth with you so you can try it for yourself!

Hair Growth Mask

You’ll Need:

• one banana: bananas contain a ton of Vitamins that you hair needs such as A, B, C, & E, as well as calcium, phosphor, and azote.

• 1 egg: eggs are loaded with Vitamins B and D which are essential for hair growth.

• 1 tbsp honey:…

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Author: mimisorganic5

i am UK certified natural and organic hair and skincare expert our brand Mimis Luxury Organic Hair And Skincare is on all natural' organic and essential oils based! We are based in Abudhabi UAE i am proffesional fashion designer as well and certified Nutritionist as well follow us for some informative posts by us....... cheers

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