Hair Shine Mask ā€“ Coconut Milk and Argan Oil:

Argan oil ……ahhhh its amazing thing on the earth

I want to share my secret with all of you’ from last few months i stopped using my YSL moisturizers as i studied natural organic carrier oils are best for the skin so i want to try them 1st on myself

I started from organic coconut oil and the results were amazing i was so happy skin become very moisture’ nourished’ soft and supple

Then i want to try another one i choose Argan oil its even better for my skin

I am trying on my hair as well with coconut milk my hair become soft and shiny

As i am creater of organic’ natural skincare products [ Mimis Luxury Organic Hair and Skincare ] i always try everything on myself or on my family members to check the results

You can see my products on my website [] one by one in coming days

I want to share my recipe for shiny hair must try and leave me a msg

Milk is applied on hair to beautify them and this recipe is used since ages for brides especially in India. The vitamins and minerals in milk improve hair health and with regular use provide strength to them.

Milk when mixed with argan oil acts as a great treatment for dry and damaged hair. Take a spray bottle and add 1 cup of coconut milk into it (you can reduce or increase the amount according to your hair length). Then add a Tbsp of argan oil into it and shake it well. Apply it all over your scalp and on strands evenly. Wear a shower cap and rinse with shampoo next morning. This mask will not only make your hair smooth and soft but it will also make your hair manageable and frizz-free.

Mimis Journey

I don’t know how and where to start discussing my journey of natural and organic hair and skincare making. i was always interested to read about maintaining good, healthy, and young skin, how I can grow my hair longer, healthier, and beautiful from the very beginning. I was very careful about my hair and I always tried different home remedies and I must say I succeeded in getting very long and beautiful hair.

With passing time, my interest to get fresh and healthy skin also increased and I always preferred to use natural DIY masks.

Now that all my children are grown up, I have lots of time to study about organic and natural skincare products so I enrolled myself in a UK based skincare school and completed my certification.

Then i decided to start my own brand and I named it after my beautiful eldest daughter, ” Mimis Luxury Organic Hair And Skincare”

Iā€™m happy to say that my brand has already started gaining a market by the grace of God.

I am very happy today to share my passion with you all in a short story. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this!

Until next time,

Farhat Khan.

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