Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine is important in any age

In young age you have a natural glow and if sometimes you neglect your skin, you may be able to get by but if you have acne prone skin, you need to take proper care from the beginning otherwise you will face the consequences for many years to come.

Its not a difficult ritual if you make it a habit. Here, I bring a few tips for you and with them you can make your skin beautiful soft and supple

Morning Ritual

Tip #1

Gently clean your face with mild face wash according to your skin type and wash thoroughly

Tip # 2

Moisturize again as per your skin type moisturizer and massage upward

Never skip and forget to moisturize your neck, as it’s prone to aging.

Tip # 3

apply sun screen on everyday basis to avoid ultra violet rays. they are extremely harmful and can damage your skin permanently.

Night Ritual

Tip # 1

To remove dirt that you carry the whole day. you have to clean throughly and for that you can use make up remover available in the markets if you are Organic natural products lover you can contact us for natural makeup remover ( Mimis luxury organic hair and skincare products )

Or remove with oil whatever suitable for you with the mixture of essential oils ( available with us )

Cleansing should be done very gently, don’t rub harshly

Tip # 2

Exfoliate your skin with market products or Mimis Organic scrub

Tip # 3

Moisturize again your skin and massage upwards

For best results use natural essential oils At night they are worth to use they are great for fine lines in order to prevent your skin from wrinkles

Don’t forget to use under eye serum to protect yourself from dark circles, crow’s feet, fine lines, or puffiness and eye bags

….And you are done and ready to have a good sleep

I think we are done for today. see you all next week with more tips and tricks.

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Mimis Luxury Organic Skincare

Today on the blog, i will be discussing my “Mimis Luxury Organic Oats And Almond Facial Cleanser”

Its a 2 in 1 product, it acts as a cleanser and a face mask packed in one bottle.

Now why are Almonds so good for the skin?

A face mask made by using almonds helps in evening the skin and in removing scars on the face made by pimples and acne. Almonds are for glowing skin, nourishing skin, rejuvenating the skin, which helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.Almonds also contains Vitamin E.

Now, onto the 2nd main ingredient “Oats”

Its skin-soothing powers were known as early as 2000 BC, and to this day, it is as effective for relieving dryness and inflammation, including insect stings, rashes, and eczema. That’s why finely powdered (“colloidal”) oatmeal is sifted into soothing body soaks, moisturizers, and soaps.

While oatmeal alone does not moisturize your skin, it is a beneficial component in a moisturizing face mask. Oatmeal is a humectant, which means that it helps your skin retain moisture. When used in conjunction with skin-hydrating ingredients, oatmeal can help your skin take on a glowing, dewy appearance.

This cleanser has a lovely and natural yet subtle fragrance yielded from pure lavender buds that have been grind down.

Lavender is one of the most fragrant of herbs. It has been used since ancient times for perfumes, for bathing, for wound healing, and as a natural insect repellent.

Its a great skin evening agent, great for wrinkles, and great for younger and fresh looking skin with the most soothing aroma.

Along with all of these, some more skin friendly ingredients are in the cleanser which make it an excellent cleanser for all types of skin.

I hope you all like this product and give it a shot.

(For now we are selling only with in UAE)

For UAE customers contact us through whatsapp at 00971-55-9487291)

Until next product details tc.

Haircare With Aloe Vera And See The Magic

img_1763aloe vera plant is considered as a miraculous plant due to its amazing health benefits and healing properties. Aloe vera plant is actually a native of Northern Africa, Madagascar and Arabian peninsula, though nowadays, it can be found in India and many arid areas as well. Aloe vera is basically prized for its medicinal properties. It has been used for a long time to heal a number of health conditions, right from burns, skin infections, digestive ailments like indigestion, constipation, and heartburn to joint pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Aloe vera, its gel, as well as the juice are highly valued for their benefits for the skin. It is widely used for soothing dry skin, skin rash, acne and for preventing wrinkles and fine lines.


Aloe vera juice, with its excellent moisturizing properties can serve as a natural conditioner to deeply moisturize the hair strands. So, if you are struggling with dry, damaged and unmanageably frizzy hair, then aloe vera juice is the answer. You can use aloe vera juice in place of your regular conditioner to make your hair silky, soft and smooth. It works as an excellent hair conditioner for dry and damaged hair.


Aloe vera can help to prevent hair loss. In fact, one of the most important benefits of aloe vera is prevention of hair loss and stimulation of hair growth. The enzymes found in aloe vera gel and juice act as hair growth stimulators. So, you can use aloe vera to promote hair growth.

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do you want me to post more benefits of Aloe Vera?

Mimis Journey

I don’t know how and where to start discussing my journey of natural and organic hair and skincare making. i was always interested to read about maintaining good, healthy, and young skin, how I can grow my hair longer, healthier, and beautiful from the very beginning. I was very careful about my hair and I always tried different home remedies and I must say I succeeded in getting very long and beautiful hair.

With passing time, my interest to get fresh and healthy skin also increased and I always preferred to use natural DIY masks.

Now that all my children are grown up, I have lots of time to study about organic and natural skincare products so I enrolled myself in a UK based skincare school and completed my certification.

Then i decided to start my own brand and I named it after my beautiful eldest daughter, ” Mimis Luxury Organic Hair And Skincare”

I’m happy to say that my brand has already started gaining a market by the grace of God.

I am very happy today to share my passion with you all in a short story. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this!

Until next time,

Farhat Khan.

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